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Summers in Texas can be miserable. Working in a garage, next to an open flame and steamer, is hell. And when the work you're doing is delicate, like setting .5 mm stones, you just can't. So after a few weeks of waking at 5am when the garage was a balmy 80 degrees and by 10am. 100, we knew it was time to close the space in and add an AC unit. July 15th we sketched out a plan. By July 29th we were done. Had he not been working 6 days a week, we might have finished sooner. But he couldn't turn down any work, so we maneuvered around the equipment as much as we could. Only once pulling everything out to lay the floors down. And he still managed to put in a full days work. Needless to say, we're exhausted but still have a few more things to add. Such as LED lights near the floor for stone finding. A task we can't convince the kids is fun. But when you're setting as many as 200 stones in a single ring, or pulling stones from one piece to set in another, some will bounce off the bench, and find their way across the space. At least now they're confined to a 8' X 14' space with an AC set to very comfortable 73 degrees. Here's hoping the insulation in the walls and ceiling keep the electric bill in a manageable range. Otherwise, Tommy's back to a 5am work schedule. ;)

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